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Marci Traylor is a writer, speaker, mindset coach, and creator of the Shift To Clarity Coaching Program. She is an expert on empowerment, personal development, and transforming lives from the inside out. She loves to help people connect with insight to themselves and others, helping them take their life, work, and relationships to the next level!


Marci is a Certified Professional Life & Relationship Coach. She has over 25 years of experience in corporate and small business leadership. She’s also an Accredited EFT (Tapping) Coach, Mindfulness Meditation Instructor, Reiki Master, and – just to keep things interesting –  Feng Shui Practitioner! She holds a B.A. in Communications Arts & Sciences from Michigan State University, an accreditation from The Neuroscience Academy, and is a member of the International Coach Federation and the National Wellness Institute.





Also Known As



Mom & #1 Fan of my amazing & beautiful daughter
Best Friends & Life Traveler with my supportive & inspiring man 
Lover of classic rock, red wine, chocolate, realllly good coffee, MSU football (Go Spartans!), exploring new places, deep conversations & easy laughter!





A Few Other Things About Me

I’m an author… I write under a pen name but will soon be publishing a book under my real name!


I once rode in a Land Rover speeding across the desert in East Java, Indonesia, surrounded by a dozen men on horseback… it was a scene straight out of Indiana Jones!


I’m insanely happy riding with hubby in his Jeep with the top down listening to country music.
I know. It’s the little things.