Maximizing Potential


Are you a small-business owner, manager, or work in a service-based company?

Does your business, or certain customers, employees or just general problems leave you feeling drained, rather than energized and accomplished at the end of the day?Man

Even the most successful people run into blocks & challenges.



How wouwomancoffeeld you like to improve your work relationships, raise your productivity and energy, and release the stress around your work or business?

In other words, start leading all of the elements of your business, rather than them running you ragged!


I call this Leveling Up.  When you approach things from a higher level, it’s amazing the possibilities that open up.

Let’s ditch the stress so you can focus on what really matters – maximizing your potential, leading your business or team with your full energy and passion, and enjoying your family and personal time free from the distractions and stress of “work.”

Everyone Needs a Coach.

Listen to Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, speak about the importance of having a professional coach.


I’m an entrepreneur and have been for over 16 years.  And, I’m married to one.

Before that, I was in corporate management.  So, I get it.

I understand what it’s like to be responsible for a team of employees or customers, on top of handling your own responsibilities at the same time.

And I get what it’s like to work with people who can absolutely push buttons and stand in the way of reaching your goals.

One thing is for certain, when operating at less than our maximum, that’s when we make mistakes, that’s when thing don’t flow smoothly, and that’s when we are merely surviving, rather than thriving.

This all adds up to stress.  And that stress can trickle over into your personal life, and it has a way of growing, starting to cause dis-ease into every part of life.

I’ll show you how to release those stress triggers, and give you a powerful and unique perspective on what makes your associates and customers behave the way they do, giving you insight on the best approach to get what you want accomplished, without the stress!

Maximizing Potential

– Energy Leadership  –


Here’s how it works.

▶︎ First, we get a snapshot of how you are wired.

This is done through an easy, 20 minute on-line questionnaire called the Energy Leadership Index™.  And no, this isn’t another personality index such as Myers Briggs or DISC – this simply measures how you are spending your energy.  It’s simple, painless, and most of all, there’s no right or wrong answers, it’s just a snapshot.

▶︎ Then we set up a one-on-one personal coaching session. The session is held over the phone, from the privacy of your home or office.

This session usually takes about 75 minutes.  During this time, I’ll outline your index results and coach you on how to make the shifts which will absolutely change the way you approach your business and relationships!

▶︎ I’m also including an additional 60 minute personal coaching session with me ($200 value), also over the phone, which you can use anytime within the next six months.

Pretty simple, right?

Look, I understand that you are busy, and time is at a premium.  But I promise you, by taking this time and investing it in your greatest asset:  yourself, the return on investment will be more than you can measure.

This is a process you can take into every area of your business and relationships, and you will not only see the results, you will feel the difference as well.

And that makes this a win-win.  For you, and for your business.


Energy Leadership 

Live Well. Level Up. 


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