Shift To Clarity – 8 Week Coaching Program

Your personal road-map to creating a life you love!



 Transform Your Life & Relationships From The Inside Out!


In eight weeks we’ll:


♦ Clarify what you want to create in your life… relationships, business, career, successes – and release the blocks keeping you from your desires.
♦ Learn how to Level Up – and how to use the levels to attract what you want in your life.
♦ Get clear on connecting your inner purpose to a strategic plan to get life changing results
♦ Access the highest most centered and creative part of yourself every day with ease – regardless of what’s happening around you!
♦ Gain self-awareness & the tools for healing and accessing a higher level of living.
♦ Truly and Consciously lead your life and thrive! Instead of constantly responding to the dramas and stress of other people and situations.
♦ Purposely give your time and energy – when YOU decide to, rather than have it pulled from you by others.
♦ Connect with your source of passion. Feel more energized, empowered, and purposeful!
♦ Uncover and release toxic relationships – and create close, healthy relationships which support and nourish you.
♦ Discover how to attract wealth & abundance into your life like never before!
♦ Define and plan the action steps to create a life you love, and I’ll be with you every step of the way!

Here’s what you’ll get:

♦ Intake & thought-provoking forms to customize the program around your specific needs and desires
♦ Private, one-on-one, weekly coaching sessions with me over the phone (outside of U.S. sessions are conducted over Skype.) 
♦ Weekly action steps/homeplay designed to move you forward into your desired life 
♦ Life-changing tools and hands-on step by step processes to move you forward faster than you ever thought possible
♦ Unlimited e-mail &/or text support between sessions

I work with a limited number of one-one-one clients, personally walking them through this program, supporting them each step of the way through the incredible and life-changing transformation that takes place over eight weeks.  

If this program feels right to you and is something you might be interested in, please go ahead and book a non-obligatory Create Your Best Life Discovery Session.  This will give us the opportunity to speak, ask any questions and decide if this is a good fit.  I offer this 30-minute session at the introductory rate of $25, which will be credited toward the cost of this program if you decide to move forward! 

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Let’s Do This!


My Personal Integrity Pledge… I love what I do, and that comes from working with happy, satisfied clients! So, I offer an Unconditional Happiness Guarantee!
If at any time during the first 15 days you decide that the program just isn’t for you, simply say so, and I’ll give you a 100% refund. Period!