Marci is a great friend, mentor, and supporter. She has coached me to succeed, grow, and improve in my professional life and personal relationships.  Marci has a positively contagious personality and is so dynamic. She’s clear, honest and non-judgmental; and provides feedback in a compassionate yet accountable way.

My relationships both at work and at home are so much better because of understanding the levels through her L Factor program. I now have less stress and more clarity about how I react in relationships. I now realize what level others are playing on and don’t react in the old stressful ways.

To anyone considering a coaching program with Marci — all I can say is take the first step and jump on board… wait and see how your life will improve! Marci’s coaching is life changing!

Eve VanderWeele, Golf With Eve
PGA Director of Golf
Charleston, SC

I signed up for personal coaching with Marci because I wanted to get to the root of the wobbly relationship I was having with myself. – I was questioning who I really was inside and I needed help accessing my deeper knowing.

Through Marci’s complete acceptance of me, her enthusiasm and understanding, I now have a much better sense of who I am.

I love how encouraging and positive Marci is, she understands and feels into what I say and really “get’s it.” She gave me great tools to use so I can get to source of my thoughts and feelings. I now have a much better sense of who is me and who is not me. I am clearer in knowing how to listen to my own true voice.

 Stacia M., Hillsdale, NY 


Over the past few years I have gone through some major transitions in my life –from leaving the corporate world, taking care of an elderly parent, to becoming an empty-nester for the first time, and then have both children move home again a year later.  Needless to say, it hasn’t been an easy, but partnering with Marci as my transition coach to navigate the many changes has been a true blessing. 

I found Marci to be very intuitive, supportive, and empowering.  I could not have asked for a better professional coach to partner with in navigating my major life changes!  Oftentimes for me it is much easier to talk about making changes, but Marci’s passion for coaching and her client’s well-being is actually so contagious that I have actually made true, lasting changes in both my personal and professional life – it has totally changed how I care for myself and others in so many ways!

I would highly recommend Marci as a professional transition coach regardless of where you are in life – little or big changes.  Having someone like Marci who has a true passion and natural gift for coaching will make navigating any change or transition so much easier, quicker, and lasting – it definitely made the difference for me.

 Angie S., Des Moines, IA


When I started coaching with Marci I was working at a job that was completely stressing me out – killing myself trying to prove my worth to my boss. 

Marci helped me take a closer look at what I really wanted to do, and pushed me to make a decision that would serve me best. She has a knack for letting you feel comfortable being completely yourself, while gently guiding you to see other perspectives and opportunities.

I’m happy to say I am now launching my own business, and no longer burning out to achieve success! If you are looking for someone to 100% support your dreams, help you break through those major blocks holding you back, and patiently cheer you on along the way, then Marci is your coach!  

Rebecca N., Chicago, IL


The best part about working with Marci is the energy!  I loved the encouragement and support — Marci makes it so comfortable and safe to be around, and be honest with.  I felt a sense of disbelief over finding issues I had no idea I had!  But now I feel peace – like a great burden has been released.  I feel happier with a new sense of ease. 

Sarah, Alberta, Canada


Having Marci as my coach has helped me find my voice!  She helped me change old habits and uncover the strength to speak out, and to say what I really feel and believe – and this has been a consistent and lasting change in my life.

I value myself so much more and now make a conscious effort to make time for myself – to meditate, take a walk or just to enjoy some time alone.  I’m more centered, making better choices, and feel more at peace.  I have even noticed some unexpected benefits such as making an effort to eat better and exercise more which has resulted in some weight loss!

I have found a whole new appreciation for my work, I now find myself grateful and enjoying my job, immersed in each moment and no longer worried about living up to a goal or some ideal I had for myself.

Since working with Marci, my relationships are so much better – I’m able to be my true self and speak how I’m feeling, and no longer worry about how others perceive me. I have seen a change in how people respond to me, I feel like I am more respected and truly heard.

Marci is genuine and her passion for coaching shines through.  The tools she gives not only help during the coaching, but stay with me to help work through life’s situations.  They are not a “one-time use” – I can reach back into that toolbox when a different situation comes up and they give me ways to solve my own problems and adapt new positive approaches.

She takes the time to really listen objectively and helps you see different solutions and possibilities.  Marci creates a safe and secure environment that makes it comfortable to talk in confidence, knowing you are not being judged in any way.  I absolutely recommend Marci as a coach to anyone searching for more out of their life!

 Cheryl T., Grand Rapids, MI


Marci is gifted.  I treasure having her in my life.  I met her under rarified circumstances.  110 pre-qualified and selected coaches were coming together for a unique opportunity to expand our skills in energy leadership.  From the moment I met Marci, she stood out.  Each of us were required to work in-depth with five others over time to fine hone our abilities to enhance the lives of others.

 All I can say is that Marci guided me ~ in greater depth and with more impact than all the other coaches combined.   When you allow Marci to enter your life, you’ll happily discover more life satisfaction than you ever imagined.  I know I did, and so will you.

Clifford Todd, Ambergris Caye, Belize


Marci coached me through a very difficult time when I was changing careers  – while grieving a death in my family.   She is an excellent coach and motivator,  she kept me accountable for staying on task while working through volatile emotions.  Marci is a warm, consistent, patient, and heartfelt coach!  

Tom Prah, Indianapolis, IN

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