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90 Minutes That Will Change How You Look At Everything!

 Tired of other people or situations hijacking your time & energy?
 Has stress become an unwelcome squatter in your life?
 Are you ready to gain an entirely new way of focusing your energy and live a life that thrives?

Give Me 90 Minutes of Your Time, and I’ll Show You How to 
Cut The Ties That Bind
 and Immediately Level Up Your Life!

20 Minute On-Line Assessment  The Energy Leadership Index™ pinpoints the “hotspots” that are that are secretly allowing stressful energies to grab hold.  Includes your own personalized report which you can refer to again and again to help you detach from the effects of stressful events & relationships, and access your goals and dreams!

70 Minute Personal Session  One-on-one coaching session, scheduled about a week later, giving you insight like never before into how to relate with those stressors in your life that are draining your energy, so you can turn drain into gain.   PLUS my exclusive technique on how to Level Up and start putting The Law of Attraction to work for you!

BONUS!  60 Minute Private Coaching Session ($150 Value!)  to be used anytime within the next 6 months to help you bust through any questions or challenges that come up!

Investment: $298.00

Shift To Clarity –  6 Week Personal Coaching Program

Your personal road-map to creating a life you love!

 Are you ready to create a life you love instead of just dreaming about it?
 Are “status quo” and “good enough” no longer part of your vocabulary?
 Are you ready to unleash an abundance of joy, wealth, and well-being into your life?


 6 weeks, right from the comfort of your own home, I’ll give you 110% of what I’m best at — the Tools, Techniques, and Clarity to help you live with soul purpose, and create a life you love!

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