Level Up!

Relationships. They influence every area of our lives.

The relationships we have with co-workers, customers, our families, and even with ourselves, touch each moment of our day, impacting how we react and respond to conversations, decisions, and how we feel about where we work and live.

How we communicate, both verbally and non-verbally, results in how we influence each other and our surroundings.

The level of connection and communication within an organization makes the difference between an inspiring and fulfilling place people look forward to being a part of each morning… or as a draining place to merely hang your hat for 8+ long hours each day.

It also plays a huge impact on customer satisfaction and the likelihood that they will return. How a customer feels about their experience at your business will trump your product offering every time!  

Level Up! is a customizable group program designed for service-based businesses to help participants reach their fullest potential as a leader of themselves and others. They will learn how to dramatically Level Up how they connect with others within your business to propel employees to new heights of fulfillment and engagement, both individually, and as a team.

Further components include the individual ENERGY LEADERSHIP INDEX™ – a personalized assessment tool that allows participants to look objectively and honestly at their own perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors.

This highly personalized process examines the way your people connect with others, then teaches ways to maximize every interaction.

Your team will leave with an enhanced understanding, appreciation and love of their work and their relationships!


Clarity, Choice, Change! A Personal Leadership Workshop

Are You Leading Your Life or is Your Life Leading You? – A powerful question my clients ask themselves every day.  Personal Leadership means being aware of how you are showing up and leading not only those around you, but leading all aspects of your life, and even leading yourself from within.


In this three-part workshop, discover how to get clarity on what could be holding you back and why!  Then I’ll share ways to intentionally choose a new course of action that helps you cut those ties and move into a higher level of living, and finally how to implement real change from this day forward!

You will also learn ways to uncover and break old, hidden habits that may be guiding your conversations and actions, getting you less than optimal results. And, I’ll teach you my exclusive E.A.S.E. Process to quickly release the stress caused by challenging relationships or situations faster than you ever thought possible!

This workshop can be customized from one – three hours in length depending on your needs and the number of participants.  Contact Marci for more details!

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