Cultivating Inner Peace

Inner peace, isn’t that what we’d all love to experience in our lives?

Cultivating inner peace is not always easy because it means replacing old thoughts with new ones. This requires dedicated commitment. But the benefits are absolutely worth the effort!

Inner peace gives you the ability to live your life with happiness, satisfaction & fulfillment, regardless of what’s going on in the world around you.

How do you acquire it?

By living your life one moment at a time, and embracing that moment.

To experience inner peace, we also need to forgive and let go of guilt — stop bringing that into the present moment. Forgive yourself and forgive others, and then let it go.

Feeling guilty or judgemental about past actions won’t change the past. And it won’t make anybody feel any better.

Do what you can to put things right, resolve to do better in the future, and then move on.

Not even a little bit of the actual past lives in the present moment. Only what you choose to bring into it.

Letting go of anger or grudges will bring about an incredible sense of peace. Think about it – how does holding onto these negative emotions help you? And do those emotions wreak revenge against those who have wronged us? Not at all. They are your emotions, and you are the only person whom they can harm.

Of course, it can be very difficult to forgive someone who’s hurt you, but what I’ve come to realize is that most people don’t maliciously set out to hurt others; it is because they are deeply unhappy themselves.

Or they are living under an old blueprint on how they should go through life, and therefore the choices they make are not serving their highest good.

If you’ve listened to my audio 3 Steps to Letting Go then you know exactly what I’m referring to here, and what to do about it!

Our happiness is determined by how we think about the events in our lives– not by the events themselves. Take charge of your thoughts, and you take charge of your emotions –this will change how you experience your world.

To cultivate inner peace, we also need to let go of worry. I get it, also not so easy to do! But just like guilt, worry serves no positive purpose. Worrying about what might or might not happen is completely unproductive and destroys your ability to enjoy the present moment.

And the present moment is all we really have.

So, how do we learn to let go of worries, guilt, and anger?

Become consciously aware of what you think whenever you feel worried, guilty, or angry. Notice what’s going on in your inner dialogue, and acknowledge that it’s your thoughts about the external event that’s causing you to feel that way, not the event itself.

Whenever you catch yourself thinking that old thought, let it go and allow a new one to replace it. New thoughts will flood in all the time; it is up to you which ones you want to grab onto. It’s how our minds are wired.

You get to decide if you are going to dwell on a thought that does not serve you, or if you are going to let it go. You are the ultimate decider.

This will take practice, but with time you will develop a lighter inner dialogue, cultivating feelings of well-being and inner peace– and change your world for the better!

Until next time,

Let Go, Love Well, Live Well!



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