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Hitting The Reset Button

Hitting The Reset Button

There are times when I just need to hit the reset button, to step away from everything in order to re-connect with my center. For me, this means connecting with something bigger than me, a reminder that I am part of something whole and magnificent.

While suddenly I feel like a speck of dust in comparison, I feel immense gratitude for being a part of it all and feel a deep joy in the knowing of being both the observer and participant at the same moment.

For me, this is what being in nature’s grandeur is all about.

I recently spent the weekend at Sleeping Bear Dunes in Northern Michigan with my family, and was once again reminded that with a refreshed perspective, the things that weigh on my mind are really just old fears and emotions popping up, they are a part of being human. And rather than judging or resisting them, it is by just observing and allowing myself to feel them that they move along, and I am left with simply being in the moment with the beauty of life which surrounds me, and is within me.

Where can you go into nature today and just lose yourself, and in doing so, find yourself again?



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