Shift To Clarity – 8 Week Personal Coaching Program



 Transform Your Life & Relationships From The Inside Out!

Are you in a relationship/situation that is draining and you’re just tired of dealing with it?

Do you want to let go of junk from the past and move on, but just can’t seem to get over that hurdle?

Are you tired of dealing with the negative energies of people around you?

Are you tired of settling for just getting by, and your soul is screaming enough is enough?

Are you ready to do a deep dive into really making a huge shift in how you are living your life?

If you answered yes… I can help. It’s what I do best.


In eight weeks we’ll:

♦ Clarify what/who is blocking you from living & enjoying your best life – and why.
♦ Learn how to let go of that which is not serving your best life, and how step into your power and start living well!
♦ Transform every relationship in your life, most importantly the one with yourself!
♦ Release the Stress! Access the highest most centered and creative part of yourself with ease – regardless of what’s happening around you!
♦ Gain self-awareness & the tools for releasing toxic or low-level relationships and accessing a higher level of living today.
♦ Truly and Consciously lead your life and thrive! Instead of constantly responding to the dramas and stress of other people and situations.
♦ Purposely give your time and energy – when YOU decide, rather than have it pulled from you by others.
♦ Connect with your source of passion. Feel more energized, empowered, and purposeful!
♦ Uncover and release draining or toxic relationships – and create close, healthy relationships which support and nourish you.
♦ Define and plan the steps to create a life and relationships you love, and I’ll be with you every step of the way!

Here’s how it works:

♦ Intake & thought-provoking forms to uncover and customize our work around your specific needs and desires
♦ Private, one-on-one, 60-minute coaching sessions with me over the phone (outside of U.S. sessions are conducted over Skype.)
♦ Weekly action steps/homeplay designed to move you forward into your desired life or relationship
♦ Life-changing tools and hands-on step by step processes to move you forward faster than you ever thought possible
♦ Laser-coaching sessions to keep you on track and address issues as they come up
♦ Unlimited e-mail &/or text support between sessions


This is a very deep, transformational eight weeks. I work one-on-one with a limited number of clients, personally walking them through this program, supporting them each step of the way through the incredible and life-changing transformation that takes place over eight weeks.  

If this program feels right to you and is something you might be interested in, please go ahead and drop me a note by clicking the link below, briefly explaining your current situation along with your name & email. I’ll be in touch to schedule a free, no obligation, introductory call.  This will give us the opportunity to speak, ask any questions and decide if this is a good fit!  

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