Hitting The Reset Button

Wouldn’t it be great if life had a reset button? Times when we could just start over, or do that thing again, but do it differently this time around?

While we don’t get do-overs, we do get a reset button.

Each day gives us a chance to live our lives from a new starting point. The only place yesterday exists is in our memories, and it really is up to us how much we wish to dwell there. Sure, some of the fallout from events that happened yesterday may echo into our new day, but we get to see them from a new perspective.

And even within the current day, there is a reset button available. For me, it is stepping out into nature. There is something about stepping away from everything and stepping into Mother Nature’s domain that always helps me to re-connect with my center. Connecting with something bigger than me is a comforting reminder that I am part of something whole and magnificent.

While suddenly I feel like a speck of dust in comparison, I feel immense gratitude for being a part of it all and feel deep joy in being both the observer and participant at the same moment.

I recently spent the weekend at Sleeping Bear Dunes in Northern Michigan with my family and was once again reminded that with a refreshed perspective, the things that weigh on my mind are really just old fears and emotions popping up–which they do now and then, they are a part of being human. Rather than judging or resisting them, it is by just observing and allowing myself to feel them that they ease away. I am left with simply being in the moment with the beauty of life which surrounds me, and is within me.

Where can you go into nature today and just lose yourself, and in doing so, find yourself again?

And tomorrow morning? Remember to hit that reset button. Anchor it in by saying, “This day is my new starting point!” Because it truly is. You get to decide how much if any, of yesterday you wish to live today.



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