I believe...  our relationships are mirrors, showing us how we shine, and showing us the parts of ourselves that need healing.







Over 20 years ago, after my dad lost a heroic battle with cancer, I decided to jump with both feet into pursuing the secrets of living well — living a joyful and purposeful life without apologies and no regrets!

Early on, I decided to share and teach each insight & method I uncovered so others could also benefit from my journey.


Ever curious and wanting more, along the way I became an energy healer, mindfulness meditation teacher, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) coach, life leadership coach, and relationship coach.

I found that it is within our relationships that we find our roadmap home, especially the relationship we have with ourselves.

Today, I integrate all elements of my journey into transformational coaching & mentoring that uncovers and connects your soul essence to living a joyful and purposeful life. 

When you let go of who you were told you are supposed to be, and begin to live connected to your core truth — you find yourself no longer willing to settle for anything less than your best life, and relationships that thrive!

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Official Bio

Marci Traylor is a writer, speaker, and creator of the Shift To Clarity Coaching Program. With over 20 years in the personal development field, she is an established expert on creating healthy, fulfilling relationships from the inside out.

Marci is a Certified Professional Relationship Coach, Certified EFT (Tapping) Coach, Certified Life Leadership Coach, Mindfulness Meditation Instructor, Certified Shadow Integration Coach, Reiki Master, and, just for fun, a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner!

Her educational background also includes a B.A. in Communications Arts & Sciences from Michigan State University and accreditation through The Neuroscience Academy. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

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